Designer: Bebelambs
Pattern: Sloan Tutorial


Pattern Details: Measurements for top/tunic/knee length/maxi skirt. There are also different measurements for different types of straps, both skinny and wide.

There’s also instructions for shirring in the pattern incase you don’t know how. Plus tutorials on how to do a slit and ruching for the sides.


Was this pattern easy to follow: Yes! There was never a point where I wasn’t sure what to do next. There are plenty of pics to help you through, but really you might not need them!

(You can’t see it here, but there are little birds on the orange dress to go with the birdhouses)

What did I like/dislike about this pattern: I love the versatility of the pattern. The navy floral dress was size 2 while the orange dress was size 20. So, if your on the fence about what size to make~ it’s hard to go wrong! This orange dress is a bit loose and I plan on adding straps later, but it stays up. Basically, the larger sizes will give a fuller dress/skirt/top.

I added ruffles to the navy floral dress. So easy, just measure the length you would like them and do a 1:1.5 for length. I did 2, but you can add as many as you like.

Really, I would recommend using the measurements as a guide and let you imagination take over. You can make any length of top/dress/skirt you desire.

Put slits in like I did. The black/pink dress has 1 and the cream/black skirt has 1 on each side.


Fabrics used:
It’s really hard to see, but the skirt is made of a crape/gauze type fabric with tiny black dots. I LOVE it! I used a cream 4 way stretch knit for the underskirt.


For the black/pink dress I used some sort of rayon fabric. It is super flowy and I love wearing it. I always thought I was a cotton kind of girl until now! This was fun to wear.


This navy/floral dress was made with a heavy woven cotton. That is why I made such a small size. I wanted to make sure it would stay up! The belt helps.


Finally, this orange dress. I made it out of a woven cotton. I love the print. That’s why I made such a large size. I wanted to use as much as possible!

Pattern alterations/design changes: None. Just customizing the fit/length to suite my needs & likes.


Again, black & white or color? It can be so hard to decide sometimes!

(Ugh, darn wrinkles! How to get them out?)







I had fun making this dress and doing the photo shoot! Can you tell?

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that I also made a pink top. I’ve been into up-cycling lately so I made a top version for myself out of one of my husbands white undershirts! That didn’t come out right, I only have one husband but he has many undershirts! I dip dyed it pink when I made the Elisa top for my daughter. Exciting stuff! Plus, I have another sheer fabric to make another top. I’m thinking halter straps. That’s what I’m going to do with the orange dress.

And, if you have a mini me Lynn also has a dress called Cassandra for girls to match.

And, (LOL!) head over to her blog to enter a raffle copter drawing for 2 of her patterns~ your choice!

To head over to her blog and shop click the Bebelambs logo on my sidebar! Sorry, I couldn’t get my link inserts to work for me today! If your mobile, scroll down and it will appear, eventually!

Happy sewing,


Elisa is here!


Elisa is finally here! This pattern is awesome! Am I the only person that uses that word these days? Anyway, back to the top. Everyone loves this top and my daughter loves wearing it, that’s the important part here. We all love making garments our kids will actually want to wear, am I right?


Designer: Filles A Maman
Pattern: Elisa
Pattern sizing: 12m to 14y So if your like me and have a 3 year old and a 13 year old~ your covered!
Other pattern details: This top can be made in knit or woven, bonus!
Was the pattern easy to follow: Oh my gosh, YES.
What did I like/dislike about the pattern: It was such a quick sew. Seriously, from printing to finish, 30 minutes max.
Fabrics used: I used knit for the first and woven for the second.
This was actually one of my husbands white undershirts! That’s right, I’ve been dabbling in up-cycles lately. I dip-dyed for the first time here and loved it! It was so easy. The key, I found, was to keep moving the fabric. That way you don’t get any hard lines.
This one was made with very light weight woven fabrics that had a good drape.
Pattern alterations/Design changes: None. Something you could do differently is make your straps out of the fabric used for the top.
I very highly recommend this top! Here are some more photos for your viewing pleasure:
I just love that last photo shoot location. Isn’t it super cool?’
This birdie chair is her favorite photo shoot location!
I adore her smile in this next picture. It’s a little challenging to get her to smile like this for the camera.
Black and white or color?
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Here’s a link to her shop:
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