Exposed Seam Ruffle Tutorial


Exposed Seam Ruffle

Today I will show you how to create an exposed seam ruffle. This element adds a little “pop” to the design you are working on. I love using it when my fabrics are solid and I want a little more attention to be drawn toward the ruffle or to break up the monotony of the large piece of solid fabric. Confession time~ I don’t like math so I don’t usually use measurement I just eyeball it. If you do the same I won’t judge!


 Pattern Used:

This technique can be used with just about any pattern requiring a ruffle. I am working with the Labri Reverse Knot Maxi from Bebelambs. This is such a cute dress~ I love it! The added bonus is it’s super fast to sew. Not to mention there is a women’s version coming soon with a large size range, for those that like to do matchies!


 Getting started:


1)    Follow your pattern right up to the point of needing to work the ruffle.

2)    If you are using knit fabric you will leave the edge unfinished  unless you would like to do a rolled hem on the serger. This is because knit does not fray. If you are using anything other than knit you will need to fold over the edge ¼”, press, fold ¼”, press again, and sew down. Essentially you will be making a hem on the top and bottom of the panel of fabric that is to become your ruffle. I am using knit here so I will not be finishing any ends. Don’t forget to cut your ruffle fabric longer by about ½” to make up for that fold over hem on the top!

3)    Next, we will gather our ruffle piece using your preferred method. If you do not know how there are several tutorials on Youtube.


4)    Once you’ve gathered your ruffle, hold it to your skirt, what have you, and find a good placement. I like to make the top of the ruffle land about 1/2” from the bottom of the skirt.


5)    From here, also take note of where the gathering thread is. Mine is at about ¼” from the bottom edge of the skirt. Take your straight ruler and mark this line all the way across the bottom of the skirt. I use a washable marker. Every time I buy a sewing marker it is dry from the start!



6)    Now, pin the ruffle in place so that the ruffle stitching is on the line you just drew.



7)    Sew into place. Over the other stitch line. If you want you can unpick the ruffle stitch with a seam ripper. I don’t do this. It takes patience and a good eye. You have to be careful not to unpick the stitch that secured the ruffle to the skirt.


If you have a problem with the edges of your fabric folding up into the center of your pressor foot just hold it down and guid it as you go, like so:


If you are confident enough, you could try this without pinning. However, watch out for something like this to happen:


If that does happen just pull the ruffle back up into alignment and sew over missed area.

Enjoy your finished product! I know I will.


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