Mommy and Me Tour Via Bebelambs

Mommy and Me Tour


I’ve been working on a ton of Bebelambs patterns lately so when Lynn announced that she was going to have a Mommy and Me tour I had to join in!

Featured Patterns: Labri and Berkely

Details: The Labri is a maxi dress pattern while the Berkely has different length options. Both patterns have a reverse knot, but the Berkely offers a tutorial on how to do a cross back without a bow.

Fabrics Used: These dresses can be made from either woven or knit fabric. I have made the Labri with a woven top and knit skirt. For this post I made the yellow, Labri, out of a knit sheet from Target. For my dress, the Berkely, I used a floral knit for the bodice and a pink knit sheet, again, from Target! You could also use a shear fabric with a liner, corduroy, and so much more.

DSC_0208(I should probably stop putting my hair in a bun for photo shoots because it always ends up feathering out!)

For the yellow dress I did the reverse knot and my mine I did the cross back.


Since I just cannot follow a pattern to the “T” these days, I shortened the bow/straps on the yellow dress. Normally the 2 straps hanging from the bow would be much longer.

I will note, so it’s not a surprise, the Berkely requires darts. It is okay though! They are marked on the pattern and Lynn explains how to make them with photos to help guide you. Plus, she is usually available on Facebook if you need more assistance. If you haven’t used darts yet, this is the pattern to learn with.



So, she loves this dress, which is a surprise because at this age she doesn’t care for maxi anything! They are just too hard to move in.


Me, on the other hand, I love maxi anything! They can be worn spring, summer, and fall. Can’t beat that.


Color, here, or black & white? Seriously, let me know what one you prefer. I sometimes just cannot decide.



She went from being one of those toddlers that run away from the camera to a poser in one photo shoot. If you have the running away child problem I recommend you do a photo shoot for yourself and let your little one watch. She will want to be like you and stop running away from the camera. Of course, there are no guarantees but it work for us.



Go pick up your patterns today while they are 20% off and enter to win a mommy and me pattern pack of your choice. You can click the bebelambs logo on the right sidebar to get to her blog then click the link to the shop! If your mobile keep scrolling down to find the link. Enter the rafflecopter link at the bottom of this page, too!

I still have a mommy and me post to do with the Cassandra and Sloan from bebelambs as well. I need to do the photo shoot first. Be sure to sign up to receive notice of my new blog posts so you don’t miss it.

Coupon Code: mommyandme

Tour Line-UP:
uly 20th Theresa Taylor from: Grammies Dolls
July 21st Gina Arnold Johns from: BabyFish Designs
July 22nd Faith Alexander from: Sew Like That  *You are here!*
July 23rd Hannah Rorke from: Hello Sunshine
July 24th Kylie Roberts from: Dribbles and Dots
July 25th Amy Huber from: How I Make Stuff
July 26th Tish C. from: Milileke


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