Hello there! My name is Faith and I am glad you’re here.

A bit about me:

As far as “real” jobs go I am a wife and mom to 3 energetic children with nearly eleven years difference between the oldest and youngest. On the side I am a property manager, but that’s just to fill my time.

Sewing was something I had always been interested in but did not start until my early 20’s. I took classes for a few months until I became pregnant with my first son. At that time I took an ten year hiatus and in 2011 my husband bought me my first sewing machine I could call my own. I remembered a little from the lessons I had in the past, but not much. To ease my way into sewing again I started with tutorials I found on-line. After about one year I decided to try PDF sewing patterns and have been hooked ever since.

Currently, I have been doing a lot of pattern testing. I can’t say why but I love it!

I also have a goal to make about 95% of my daughters clothes. I’m almost there. There’s not too many things that bring me more joy than seeing the smile on her face when a new dress is complete and then to hear her ask to wear it to bed!

My sewing machine is a Singer Fashion Mate 5500. It was coming up on my daughters first birthday and I had tons of sewing tutorials pinned on Pinterest yet no machine to pin them with. I was talking to my husband while on a walk about how I would like to get a sewing machine. He told me to look into them. So, I did. That day while on a break at work he called and I told him the machine I wanted. He came home with it! As far as sergers go, I just bought the Brother 1040D. Man, I love that thing! It saves so much time and makes everything pretty inside!

I have been wanting to start a blog for a while now. First it was going to be for chronicling all the clothes I made for my children, but it looks like it is going to be much more than that! We’ll see where it takes me…

I also have a Facebook like page and Etsy shop that are still awaiting some attention. Have a peek and like my pages. Maybe one day I will surprise everyone and list/post something!



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