Hope Floats Breezy Blog Tour

Hello! I’m Faith from sewlikethat. Participating in this Hope Floats Breezy Blog Tour has been super exciting for me, not only because it’s my first pattern review and blog tour, but it is also my first blog post! So, lets dive right in…


  1. Designer: Bebelambs
  2. Pattern: Hope Floats
  3. Pattern sizing: New born to 10. That is a great range of sizes. Chances are, you’ll be able to make this for more than one daughter and if you’re like me you only have one daughter but will be making this dress for years to come.
  4. Other pattern details: Pattern prints for the bodice and you are given measurements for the skirt and straps. I like it that way- it saves paper and ink.
  5. Pattern Fit: Recently, I’ve had to make the switch from 2T to 3T when sewing for my daughter with most patterns. For this pattern I made a 3T and it fits perfectly, and because there is elastic casing in the back I know it will fit the entire summer.
  6. Did it look like the photo in the pattern image?: Yes. When following the directions you will get an end result that looks just like the dress in the photo on the cover.
  7. Was the pattern easy to follow?: Yes. I will admit, the first time I made this dress I was a little nervous because I had never done an elastic casing. No worries let me tell ya! It’s easy!


  1. What did you like or dislike about this pattern?: I love the versatility of this dress. This time around I switched up 2 things. Instead of doing the super easy elastic casing, I shirred it (also supper easy). And, I did 2 layers of skirting because of the transparency of the top skirt.


  1. Fabric used: White polyester blend for the underskirt, bodice, and straps. Very light weight and translucent schiffon-ish top skirt. I have yet to learn about my fabrics. This was proven when I took the advice of the lady behind the cutting counter! I should have gone with my gut instinct and bought white linen. What do you do?
  2. Pattern alterations or design changes: As mentioned above this pattern is very versatile. I did shirring instead of elastic casing just to see what the 2 would look like comparatively. I did elastic casing on the first version I made, and have to say that I prefer the casing for this dress. And, again, I used 2 layers for the skirt. I also made the straps about ½” narrower to make room for the lace that I added to them. To top it off, I added lace to the front bodice before attaching it to the back bodice. Because I thought this would add a lot of bulk to the side seams I constructed the bodice a little differently than what the pattern called for.

DSC_0128 How I constructed the dress differently: Once I had the bodice/lining put together, for both the front and back separately, I did not sew the skirts to the bodices per the pattern. I opened up the sides of both front and back bodices and pinned the 2 together, right sides facing. I then sewed them together with the seam allowance used in the pattern. Flip it right side out. Next, gather skirting with preferred method and with right sides facing attach skirt to bodice. Top stitch.   DSC_0081   About the bow: Trying as hard as I did, I just could not get this bow perfect! In hindsight, I realized that with making the straps narrower I should have also made them shorter. With less fabric taking up bow space they are left looking too long. Also, it could be that it’s the type of fabric, but the bow shape just would not hold on this dress. It stays perfectly on the other Hope Floats I made with linen. Don’t know how to tie the perfect bow? No problem here is a link to a Youtube video on how to tie one. There’s a little bit of info on there you might not need, but you’ll get the idea. DSC_0074 DSC_0067 About the hair: My girl loves her braids! We look through Pinterest together at hairstyles so she can pick the style she wants for the photo shoots. Fun stuff! Here’s a link to my Pinterest board Hair If I Would Dare. Don’t look too closely or you will find I used to spend too much time to on that site! Anyway, this is both of our favorite hairstyle and has become our “go to” style. DSC_0104 About the shoes: I bought beautiful pink sandals that she picked out and loves. Problem is that she wants them to be “inside sandals”. She refuses to wear them outside! For Mothers Day I made us matching maxi skirts and these “inside sandals” would have been great for the outfit and went with my sandals, but she insisted on these tennis shoes. DSC_0132 Bribery? Maybe!: I have read all kinds of stories about how moms, photographers, and momtographers alike bribe their children/models with candy. I have been trying not to go there, but lately she will not look into the camera. Maybe once or twice during the 200 pics taken shoot! DSC_0121 I have to say, it did not work out for us! Smarties are her favorite candies and she didn’t even peek when I held them up next to the camera. Oh well! DSC_0082 Here are some scenery visuals for our photo shoot. We don’t have any beaches close by so the river had to do! DSC_0107 DSC_0102 Here’s a close up of the gazebo that she likes to call a lighthouse. DSC_0142 And one final image of this beautiful dress… that I highly recommend… DSC_0083 Checkout the Bebelambs blog for more information and see a line up of other bloggers in the tour. There are several other beautiful versions of the dress in the tour! Faith


14 thoughts on “Hope Floats Breezy Blog Tour

  1. Very nice, what’s next. Will share this with my friend, who’s sewing for her granddaughter often. She’s might be about the same age as your little one. Good luck with you’re new venture.

    • Thank you Jane! I Have a few tutorials planned, on will be posted Wednesday. Then hopefully I’ll spend the summer talking about how to advance your photography skills as well as sewing skills!

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